June 27, 2017 – Haiti is the poorest of the poor. Hit by a severe drought in 2014 after two years of extremely poor harvests, the Northwest communities of Haiti are considered to be among the poorest, most at risk parts of Haiti. Considering that the World Food Program estimates that ¾ of Haiti’s population already lives on less than US $2 a day, the majority of people of these communities are in a constant emergency state. In recent years, Haiti has been affected... + read more
Hi! I’m Ben, one of CCI’s summer interns. Each year, CCI works with university students who are looking to up their professional experience and learn the behind the scenes of a non profit.  I’m currently a student at Trinity Western University, and the other intern is Christina, who is a student at the University of British Columbia. While we work together, we each focus on different tasks. Christina is working administration projects – such as reviewing... + read more
HAITIAN MEDICAL STUDENT READY TO GIVE BACK…   The ChildCare INTERNATIONAL scholarship fund targets ChildCare assisted secondary school graduates who want to pursue a program of post graduate secondary education. ChildCare awards an annual scholarship to those students who demonstrate academic and extracurricular excellence, and who successfully meet the selection criterion established by CCI partners in the country of origin.  Each scholarship candidate must have... + read more
Weddings in Haiti,  Nicola Topsom noticed, are a big deal. Often very formal events, they generally include senior bridesmaids, a half dozen bridesmaids, and another five or six flower girls, with an equal number of groomsmen. Tiaras and long satin gloves are the norm, and it can be hard to tell the bride from her attendants. Through the Floriana Wedding Dress Project, Nicola and her sister Abigail are giving even the most disadvantaged of brides the opportunity to have the wedding of... + read more
When a mudslide took many lives in the village of Carries in 2009, Linotte and Jean Joseph opened up their home and hearts with love and compassion and welcomed a hundred people to be fed bowls of spaghetti. When Linotte asked God how best she could serve this community that had no help or aid, she found the answer not far from her front door. Linotte walked across the street one day and found a young woman in labor and tried to help her, but by the time they had organized a vehicle to take the... + read more
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