Gift Catalogue

Gift Catalogue

The B&B Essentials  Bibles & Bed Nets:








The Perfect Combination of a Pair of Treated Bed Nets and a Family Bible – This Gift Saves Lives!

A family should not have to choose which family members get the life-saving coverage of a treated bed net. Parents will often use their only net to protect their children instead of themselves. This can often leave the main caretakers exposed to malaria-infected mosquitos. We don’t want families to have to make that choice. The B&B ESSENTIAL also ensures each family has a Bible in their native dialect. These are two key resources a family should not be without. Thank you for giving the gift of BIBLES & BED NETS!

Medical Response Fund:






Our Medical Response Fund covers a wide range of needs, including $35 for Clinic Care & Medical  Transport, $50 for medicines and vaccinations
at a local clinic or even $500 for a lifesaving emergency operation. All gifts of any amount will be used to provide essential medical assistance for children in need. Thank you in advance for choosing to give a gift to The Medical Response Fund.

Scholarship Fund:










The CCI Scholarship Program targets ChildCare assisted Secondary School graduates who are pursuing a program of post graduate education.

CCI awards annual Scholarships to a select group of students who have successfully met the established criteria. Students must have consistently shown exceptional promise in three areas: Christian Character, Church and Community Service and Academics. Upon graduation from their field of study, students are expected to return to their home area to help transform their churches, communities & nations from the inside out.

Transform a Family with Livestock:







Do you have a farmer or gardener in your life that you would like to honour? This livestock and harvest package could be the perfect ‘Gift Fit’!
Goats provide families with milk and can be a great food source. Raising goats also generates income, benefitting families and entire communities. The gift of chickens for eggs and meat, or to help a family start their own flock. When we give goats and chickens we can assure a better way of life for families in need.

Classroom Supplies:






Once classrooms are funded and built, they need to be transformed with all the practical supplies the students & teachers will use everyday. Help us stock a classroom with the vital equipment needed to educate the upcoming generation. A great gift for a teacher or as a classroom fundraiser, your gift will help children learn and break the cycle of poverty.

Bicycles for Teachers








Help teachers with bike transportation to school – it makes their teaching time more efficient and they can spend more time with their students. Commemorate and celebrate your favorite Educator with the Gift of a Bicycle for a Teacher overseas.

Continuous Harvest:






Help a family be transformed through sustainability with the gift of Continuous Harvest. Gifts include an assortment of hardy, ready to grow seeds and simple yet efficient, hand farming tools.

Choir and Praise Program:







This could be the perfect gift to honour that favorite musician or singer in your life! Through this specialized Choir and Praise Program, children share their love of God through joyful, spirit-filled songs. They are not only building their self-esteem, they are also ministering to their peers. Lives are being transformed and impacted for eternity through the gift of music and song.

Unsponsored Children’s Fund:






Make the ultimate life changing difference in a child’s life. For as little as $20 you can give a child on our waiting list the opportunity to attend school with the items and school supplies they need. Help us pr0vide children with immediate education as they wait for a sponsor.

Accessible Water In Schools:





Installing efficient and practical water collection systems with water tanks in schools, helps students thrive! Accessible water systems also aid in the sanitation efforts for healthy schools!

Building Hope:

Help transform the lives of destitute widows and their children with tangible and safe hope for their future.

Through CCI’s ‘Building Hope’ initiative, a solid two room house, kitchen, water tank system and sanitation are provided!

Help provide a fresh start for a widow and her children by ‘Building Hope’ today!












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