Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a Child

Your monthly support of $40 CAD for sponsorship provides the opportunity for your sponsored child to have an education, access to healthcare and experience God's love.
To search for a child, select your criteria below and press the apply button or leave fields for a broader search. Thank you for sponsoring a child!

Justine is a boy who lives in Cebu, The Philippines. He enjoys learning Math at school. Justine is a talkative boy who works in the market to help his family. He likes to play basketball.
Lucknair lives in Vion, Haiti where he attends school. His favorite subject is French. Lucknair helps his family by watching the animals. Lucknair is a polite, helpful and patient child who likes playing football.
Bushira attends a primary school in the community of Makerere, Uganda where he lives. Bushira is a cheerful boy who enjoys English as his favorite subject. He helps his family by hauling water.
Anitah lives in the Rakai District of Uganda and attends the Good Samaritan School. She enjoys singing in church choirs and her favourite subject at school is shading. At home she helps her family by collecting firewood.
Desire lives in Northern Uganda, near Kitgum, and attends the Faith Alive Academy. Desire is 5 years old, she loves to sing and enjoys learning about numbers at school.
George lives in Western Kenya, in the Visegese Village. He enjoys singing and his favourite subject at school is Swahili. At home he helps his family out by washing the utensils.
Diannah lives in Rakai, Uganda and attends Good Samaritan Nursery & PS. Diannah helps her family by fetching water and she enjoys playing netball.
Wendison lives in Jean Bois in Haiti and his favourite activity is playing soccer. His favourite subject at school is writing and at home he helps his family out by taking care of their goat.
Bilanka lives in Jean Bois in Haiti and her favourite activity is playing with dolls. Her favourite thing about school is storytime and at home she helps her family out by sweeping the floors.


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