Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a Child

Your monthly support of $40 CAD for sponsorship provides the opportunity for your sponsored child to have an education, access to healthcare and experience God's love.
To search for a child, select your criteria below and press the apply button or leave fields for a broader search. Thank you for sponsoring a child!

Jorge Alexander
Jorge lives in the city of Chimaltenango, west of Guatemala City. He lives with his family and at home he helps his family by feeding the animals. Jorge’s favourite subject in school is Language and he also enjoys riding his bike.
Evensley lives in Haiti, near Gonaives, in the village of Bas-Andre. He is 6 years old and attends the Philippe Guerrier Institution of Bas-Andre. Evensley loves to play soccer with his friends and his favourite subject at school is Reading. At home he helps his family by looking for food for the goats.
Dieu-Phadson lives in NW Haiti, in the village of Moulin. He is 7 years old and attends the Bethesda Baptist School. Dieu-Phadson likes to jump rope and his favourite subject at school is Language. He likes the colour yellow and hope to become a Police Officer in the future.
Brammy attends school and lives in the Mathare slums of Kenya. She likes learning Math in school and jumping rope when not in school. Brammy helps her family by fetching water and is known for being patient, cheerful and helpful.
Yarnnapa lives in Northeastern Thailand in the city of Khon Kaen. She is 7 years old and attends the Khon Kaen Christian School. She loves to play with her friends and reading is her favourite subject. She likes the colour blue and hopes to become a Teacher in the future.
Moses attends school and lives in the Makerere area of Uganda. He enjoys writing in school and playing football after school. Moses helps his family with washing dishes.
Kevin Daniel
Kevin lives in Sosua, near Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. He lives with his mother and brother and he helps at home by washing dishes. Kevin's favourite subject at school is Math and he also enjoys playing with his friends.
Julien lives in the region of Jean-Bois in Haiti. She lives with her family and helps them by carrying water. Julien's favourite activity at school is recess and she also enjoys skipping rope. She is known for being joyful, kind and friendly.
Barack lives and attends school in the Mathare district of Nairobi, Kenya. His favourite subject in school is Math and he enjoys playing football. He is known for being cheerful, talkative and friendly. Barack helps his family with fetching water.


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