Mission of Grace

When a mudslide took many lives in the village of Carries in 2009, Linotte and Jean Joseph opened up their home and hearts with love and compassion and welcomed a hundred people to be fed bowls of spaghetti. When Linotte asked God how best she could serve this community that had no help or aid, she found the answer not far from her front door. Linotte walked across the street one day and found a young woman in labor and tried to help her, but by the time they had organized a vehicle to take the woman to a hospital an hour away, the expectant mother died. Linotte knew that this woman’s death was so unnecessary, and could have been prevented if there was a clinic near by. At that moment she knew her mission was to serve this community. After the devastating earthquake in January 2010, Linotte and Jean started receiving missionary teams to come and help in the village: hosting medical clinics, community feedings, and food distribution, along with many other things.


Today  CCI is partnering with Mission of Grace and is serving the community in Carries through the..

Grace Community School

This school seeks to serve the children of Carries and the surrounding communities who would otherwise be unable to receive an education.


Children of Grace Orphanage

Provides housing, clothing, medical care and schooling for more than 70 children


Grace Community Medical Clinic

Strives to provide a healthier community through providing a medical clinic 5 days a week.


If you would like more information on how you can support this project, contact us at info@childcareinternational.ca

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